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Is your website mobile friendly?

On April 21st, Google’s mobile algorithm update went into effect.  Known as “#Mobilegeddon” across the web, this new algorithm ranks your website according to Google’s measurement of your site’s mobile-friendliness. There was much talk about how this would effect you website results in Google searches.

It is still too soon to see if having a non-mobile site will knock you out of Google rankings, but having your site mobile friendly is of up most importance for your users experience. 90% of Google traffic is mobile so being online is the same as being on a phone, not a computer. In addition, 30% of mobile users will simply abandon their purchase altogether if your website isn’t optimized for mobile.

In an effort to encourage websites to become mobile-friendly, Google has released its guide to mobile best practices and also created a mobile-friendly testing tool. You simple enter your website address in their testing tool and they will tell you if your site is mobile friendly.

Google Mobile Friendly Tool

Google Mobile Friendly Tool

Here is a resource page that Google has posted to help you understand what this is all about. Check it out here. They have also provided a tracking tool to help you fix any issues. Check out their Tracking mobile usability in Webmaster Tools. Check Google Webmaster Tools’ Crawl Errors report and select the “Smartphone” tab to see if Google’s smartphone crawler has found any problems when crawling your site.

Use the fetch as Google feature in Webmaster Tools and select the “Mobile Smartphone” option to see how Google’s smartphone crawler sees your most important pages.

Mobile optimization of your site remains an important effort because it’s important for users. If you need help with this just call us for a free evaluation of your site.



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