The following links are to great resources for your website. Some of them are my affiliate links. I have found these websites great sources for developing websites and blogs as well as videos and slideshows.

Stock20 is a great source of royalty free music. They create high quality music for media production. If you create a free account using my referral link, they will give you one free song. Click this link, then create a free account (it takes about a minute):


HostGator is the web hosting company that I have found to be the best as far as reliability and service is concerned. With their one installation of WordPress it is even more reason to use their services. Check out their web hosting services.

 WP Twin

Backing up your blog is essential so that you will not lose your hard work.  You can also just clone a site you’ve set up once and when you need to set up a similar blog, you just push a few buttons…  WP Twin is the easiest backup program that I have found. Learn about their program here.

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