What previous clients are saying about Melinda Stanfield and Stonyhill Marketing and Design


Melinda Stanfield and Stonyhill Marketing and Design came through in my website redesign where other designers had only offered disappointment.  We talked about what I wanted to cover through a technology PR website – mastering new technology with a solid foundation in fundament communications tools.  I’m more than pleased with the final product and her ongoing notes to optimize the site even further.  She’s what you need in a design partner.

Dan Chmielewski
Madison Alexander PR
Orange County CA

Melinda Stanfield created my web page and has recently redone it. She is a pleasure to work with, both creative in her own right but also was so responsive to my ideas.  If you want to see what I mean go to www.expandingconnections.com   I would recommend her to anyone who is new at web paging and also to anyone with a lot of knowledge of the intricacies of web pages. In my case she did an extensive search for bridges and came up with these perfect images.

Nancy Kehoe

Melinda Stanfield has done a lovely job for me during our nearly three years of working on my website. Even though Melinda has been traveling much of this past year, she has been as available to me as if she were working in an office environment.

I trust Melinda’s competancy as a web master. I have always felt impressed with Melinda’s openness about what she knows and is willing to learn when it comes to the intricacies of website design and function. Our working relationship has always been pleasant, creative, and productive. I am grateful for the way Melinda can be direct when she needs something restated. I deeply appreciate her ability to ask questions when she doesn’t understand.

Melinda is impeccably fair and honest about her working hours. I have never had reason to question the bill when it comes.

I highly recommend Melinda’s work as web master and hope you will feel as confidant as I do about her skills, and enjoy working with her as much as I do.

Padme Nina Livingstone

A year after introducing our web site, we enlisted the help of Stonyhill Internet Marketing and Dr. Melinda Stanfield to simplify the process of site revision and on-going maintenance, control cost and obtain health care specific insight.  We have won on all counts.

Dr. Stanfield is easy to work with and responsive.  Her clear, well-designed graphics inspired a complete renovation of the site, unplanned until she made us aware of the
opportunities for improvement and the affordability of implementation.  The site functions well technically: it’s fast loading, and it’s user friendly, the result of practical design and layout.

We have also been able to capitalize on the economic value of her service and response time to implement on-going changes to keep the site current, interesting and attractive.

Dr. Stanfield’s medical background allowed us to enhance user benefits we could not have achieved otherwise.  She coordinated seamlessly with technical support on more significant site revisions.

She continues to be an invaluable resource, prompting and recommending changes and content.

Thomas W. Wood

It is our pleasure to recommend Melinda Stanfield as a webmaster for your business. We have known Melinda for more than five years and have been continually impressed with her dedication and service. ..websites reflect a variety of styles and content which she has been able to develop over the years. Melinda is very conscientious and is very timely about staying on top of updates and revisions.

Janet Opila-Lehman
Randy S. Lehman


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