Why Use WordPress for your Small Business Website

Why Use WordPress for your Small Business Website is a common question asked of web designers. It is the best content management system at the present time and is easy to use even for a person who knows nothing about having a website.

The WordPress Content Management System is the best system for your new and improved website for these reasons.

  1. WordPress doesn’t have to look like a blog, and it provides a way for you to manage your content and update your website effortlessly. You can manage everything yourself, just point and click and edit your own content, publish new content easily without waiting for your web developer.
  2. WordPress has so many plugins so that you can easily add new functionality to your website as your business grows and your needs change.
  3. Google loves WordPress websites. WordPress SEO plugins makes it easy to optimize your pages for the search engines. That means your site is more likely to land on the first page of Google results, which means people are more likely to find you.
  4. With WordPress as your website content system, you have both a website and a blog all in one. Blog are a great way to build traffic to your website. Again Google loves websites that frequently add new content, and having a blog on your website allows you to easily add new content as often as you want.
  5. Videos are the number one selling point for potential clients at this time and YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. If you do not have videos on your website you are losing a large number of potential clients. WordPress has several plugins that make it easy to add video to your website.
  6. There are plugings that allow your visitor to easily recommend you to their Facebook and Twitter friends. That will increase you visibility to a wider audience.
  7. WordPress allows you to add a form to sign up for your newsletter so that you can keep in touch with present clients and with potential future clients.  In this manner your list would see the value of your services. There are easy to use plugins that make this integration with your list building software seamless.
  8. Education for your visitors. With WordPress you can blog as often as you want, offering advice and good education. Regularly publishing quality articles and content to your website gives Google more content to crawl, and provides value to your web site visitors as well as improving search engine optimization.

If you are concerned with growing your business and finding new clients that would benefit from your products and services, and would like to be sure to maintain contact with your present clients so that you can offer your new products and services to them, WordPress is the best format for your website.

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